The Theories Of Organization Behaviour

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According to Robbins,S.P., Judge,T.A., Millett,B., Boyle,M. (2014,p.8) “Organisation behaviour is the study that investigates the impact of individuals, group and structure have on behaviour within the organisation ,for the purpose of applying such knowledge towards improving an organisations effectiveness” . It is normally used in understanding the behaviour of people working in the organisation, in order to create more efficient business organizations. The main idea behind the study of organisation behaviour is to have a scientific approach in managing the workforce. The theories of Organisation Behaviour are used to maximise the output of the human resource working in the organisation. The perception is one such method through which we can study the behaviour of Human resource working in the organisation. This essay focuses on the concept of the perception and its importance in the study of Organisation behaviour. The positive and negative effects on manager’s job because of implementation of perception. Perception is a process by which individuals organise and illuminate their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their surrounding environment (Catenacci, 2010). Appreciation by one person can be substantially different from what another person perceives and both can be very different from the actual objective in reality. Behaviour is one such factor which depends on perception of what reality is, not reality itself. Generally in the workplace, the behaviour
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