The Theories Of Origin Of State Through Comparison

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ANALYSIS OF THE THEORIES OF ORIGIN OF STATE THROUGH COMPARISON Several theories have been presented by several thinkers over the years trying to establish the exact origin and development of the State-system as we know it today. The primary reason why there hasn’t developed a single theory which is accepted universally is the lack of any conclusive evidence as to how or when the first State came into existence. Some of the most prominent theories to be forwarded in this field have been mentioned and discussed throughout this project. We started with the Divine Origin of State Theory which is one of the oldest theories on the subject of political authority which found support in both the Old Testament, where there are constant references to the conception that God selects, appoints, and dismisses the rulers, as well as the New Testament of the Christians which says that the source of political authority is contained in God’s will. This theory strongly believed that the kings or rulers of the land were appointed by God and were answerable only to him. This meant the King’s word was the Law and he could do as he pleased with the power that he wielded. In Britain, the belief that the king was outside the purview of reproach led to the birth of the famous phrase- “The King can do no wrong”. Under this approach, the people could not hold the king responsible for his deeds. Though this did not mean that the King was wholly irresponsible, in fact, the King was expected to abide by
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