The Theories Of Piaget And Erikson

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At first glance, the setup of my narratives may appear complicated because my teaching, scholarship, and service all inform one another. As a result, I chose to write my narratives as one continuous story that can be read together, but can also stand alone. In regards to my teaching, I subscribe to the principles of educational constructivists. As a constructivist teacher, I believe learning is a co-constructed between teacher and students. As a result of this, I try to strike a balance between lecture, student-led classes, and group discussion. I believe the combination of these three strategies highlights objectives 1.1, 1.2, and 1.5 of the strategic plan. Oftentimes, my lectures focus on the theoretical frameworks that are seminal…show more content…
At the beginning of class, students were provided with the list of questions. We watched the movie while students answered the questions. The students informed me that they enjoyed activity and that it helped further their understanding of the reading. My incorporation of mainstream media into my lectures gave students ideas for their student-led discussions. In every class I lead, students must engage in some type of student-led discuss by way of presentation (individual or group). For group presentations, students are required to engage the class in discussion by way of an in-class activity. During my Adolescence course, several student groups used Kahoot to quiz the class on the material from their presentation. I thought this was such a great tool that I incorporated it into my Research Methods & Statistics II (RMSII; PSY 4401) and Special Topics courses this semester. I utilized the Kahoot quizzes to review for midterm exams, test student knowledge, and as a means of extra credit for students who participated. I believe this is just one example of how I learn from my students and use what I learn to inform my teaching practices. During this first year, developing my courses and strengthening my teaching skills was a top priority for me. Coming from a
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