The Theories Of Race And Ethnicity

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Out of all the theories and discussions we have had in class thus far I don’t I have felt more connected like I am with this theory. The theories of Race and Ethnicity is something that I can relate to on a personal level. Me being a lighter skin tone African American I have experienced both the good and the bad of racism. Therefore, my part in our group assignment was to focus on the race aspect. It’s a large scale in which I can gear race around; however, I specifically focused on class and education. I may discuss a few other points in this paper that I wasn’t assigned by my group because I have so many opinions on this topic. Although, society claims that over the past decade racism has declined, we still see every day that the race places a major role in the opportunities available. Blacks have to work two times are hard to earn a position or status that a white individual may just walk in and get. For instance, say there are two men with the same education and credentials but one is white and the other is black, who do you think the company going to
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