The Theories Of The And Evolution

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Galileo saw worlds other than our own, Darwin explained the concept of growth and evolution, Freud theorized explanations for our suppressed cognition, Archimedes ran out of a bathtub yelling Eureka once he established the concept of density, and many other renowned scientists provided substantial theories to explain common associations within everyday life. These brilliant researchers gave reason to the term “why”. They provoked curiosity, established ideologies, and generated scientific laws that define logic. Evolution, adaptation, and development have been classified as natural instincts for human progression; to discover and uncover the explanations of reality. Once the diagnostic puzzles have been given solutions, they can be used to benefit our race. We have enhanced research and studies to allow these scientific outbreaks to lead to greater good. Physical Therapists have the same aspirations; to improve the quality of life and make developmental progress with our deteriorating bodies. As people get older or fall victim to injuries, their bodies become damaged. The body is like a machine; there are levers (joints), pumps (heart), plumbing (vasculature), wiring (nerves), and many other mechanical affiliations that make the body work as a whole. It is an elaborate product to produce work, so when an injury or abnormality occurs, it prevents the full magnitude of work to be exerted. For example, each joint within the body has an average range of motion,
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