The Theories Of The Sociological Imagination

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When an ordinary individual tries to understand the social world we see that the individual lives too much in the here and now to understand the complex world around them. So, you may ask how the individual above can make sense of the complex world around them. The answer is simple by looking at the world like any great social analysts would. They do this through C. Wright Mills sociological imagination. To understand the Sociological imagination we first need to understand what the term means. It is the process of the mind which allows us to understand the relationship between our individual lives (personal experience) and the larger social forces (public issues) (Ferris, P.12). By understanding the framework listed above we can see how the social world far surpasses the way we perceive certain notions in our everyday lives. In other words when ordinary individuals first think about their problems they think of their personal experiences which in turn makes them overlook the bigger picture of the problems. During our personal experiences we are the actors and actresses that make choices about our friends, family, school and other issues within our control (Chapter 02). The bigger picture or public issues also known as social facts are imbedded in society rather than the individual which means their out of the individuals control like society’s organizations and processes. To understand this better let’s look at an example. College students have a choice to make when
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