The Theories of Jean Piaget Applied to Classrooms

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This essay will look at teaching two digit multiplication with Piaget’s Theory.
Jean Piaget (1896- 1980) is one of the most popular teaching and learning theorists of our time. The theorist believed that cognitive development for children passed four different stages that included the sensor motor for ages 0-2, preoperational at ages 2-7, concrete operational at ages 7-11 and formal operational ages 11-15. (Baroody, Baroody, Wilkins, & Coslick, 2008)
According to available research most children will learn through active and meaningful experiences in their early development. This means that a child will learn best only if they have been put in an environment that has different features and people. In this sense a child is going to be a more effective learner only if the surroundings provide a sense of relevance to him (Shulman, 2013). Relevance to them are the things that they will enjoy or those that were painful to them, this will make them understand more. The environment that the child prefers will determine the kind of learning that is going to take place. (Baroody, Baroody, Wilkins, & Coslick, 2008). According to Lee Shulman (Shulman, Knowledge and Teaching, 1987) it is important for teachers to…

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