The Theory And Contemporary Issues

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Introduction There are certain traits and qualities that society tends to associate with either being masculine of feminine. For things like hair color or choice of style this seems harmless. But in reality, the extent of using constant associations can be quite harmful. Associations contribute to what society recognizes nowadays as-- gender roles and stereotypes. They influence how people think, speak and interact on a daily basis with one another. Thus, gender norms were actually created by society (Gardner, 2015). Gender based roles have been around since hunter-gatherers, but these roles were purely based on anatomy (Saxton, 2014). Men would hunt because of their height and muscle advantages, while women would gather plants and…show more content…
Many times, society helps associate what it means to be masculine or feminine, (Ampofo, 2001). Sex and gender are in fact two separate things. According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a binary is basically something that is composed of multiple traits, things, or even parts. As stated previously, gender binary is something that has been around for as long as hunter-gatherers. Growing up, gender binary can be recognized through the toys played with while growing up. For example, boys are known to play with G.I. Joes, while girls are more likely to play with Barbies. The article The Gender Marketing of Toys: An Analysis of Color and Type of Toy On the Disney Store Website by Auster and Mansbach (2012) found that toy companies have the ability to market toys in a different way than the anticipated social norm. The social norm appears to separate genders. Items like action figures or even cooking essential toys can be marketed more gender neutral instead of gender segregated. Small changes, like changing the color of a toy can make it more appealing to both genders instead of just one. Although there are obviously different color schemes that each gender prefers, toy companies should still aim to create unisex toys. Predetermined Gender Roles Gender is something that is continually predetermined by God, nature, and other authority figures. Beyond Gender Stereotypes in Language Comprehension: Self Sex-Role Descriptions Affect the Brain’s Potentials
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