The Theory And Social Control Theory

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Evolution of Travis Hirschi
Travis Hirschi is an American criminologist who is famous for developing the self-control perspective on crime and social control perspective on juvenile delinquency. In his groundbreaking work, Causes of Delinquency, he argued out that an explanation for delinquency can be achieved by absence of social bonds. He also stated that delinquency could be prevented by social attachments, acceptance of social norms, recognizing the moral validity of law and involvement in conventional activities. In his other work with Michael R. Gottfredson, they defined crime as fraudulent or forceful acts that are undertaken in order to achieve one’s self-interest. They also argued that the explanation for all crime can be given as a combination of low self-control and criminal opportunity. While developing the perspective on delinquency and crime, Travis came up with two theories named as the self-control theory and social control theory.
The social control theory is built upon existing concepts of social control. It is positioned midst other sociological theories that are aimed at the role of familial and social bonds as constrictions on offending. The assertion of Hirschi’s social control theory is that ties to the school, family and other aspects of society help diminishing an individual’s propensity for divergent behavior. It is, therefore, the proposition of the social control theory that occurrence of crime results when there is a weakness or poor
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