The Theory And Theory Of Psychology

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Overview The practice of psychotherapy involves several approaches and different psychologists’ often use different psychological theories to achieve their goals in treatment and interventions. However, the combination of these psychological theories is important for the improvement of psychoanalysis of patients and the treatment approaches used. This paper will, therefore, analyze three psychological theories which include; attachment theory, control mastery theory and the object relations theory. Additionally, the analysis will involve the combination of these three theories to produce and integrated approach suitable for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. The development of the paper will involve stating the individual theories and their theorists, an explanation of each theory and a combination of the three theories to improve the practice of psychology. Attachment theory Attachment involves the enduring emotions and deep bonds that an individual expresses to another person based on time and space. The attachment theory in psychology was developed by a British psychologist known as John Bowlby through his attempts to bring an understanding of the distress that children face due to separation from their parents. The theory was developed by John Bowlby in 1958 following the professional time he had in the treatment of emotionally disturbed children in the Child Guidance Clinic in London. The theory posits that the observed characteristics in children such as
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