The Theory Associated Creativity More So With Divergent Thinking Essay

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Guilford thru-out his studies and observations of people identified that people preferred either divergent or convergent types of thinking. His theory associated creativity more so with divergent thinking. During his studies, he witnessed creative people displaying divergent thinking characteristics more often than those that were less creative. These characteristics included: fluency, the ability to produce a great number of ideas in a short period of time; originality, the ability to produce new and original ideas; flexibility, the ability to propose a variety of approaches to one specific problem; and elaboration, the ability to organize the details and systematically carry them out. Divergent thinking incites people to be more resourceful in developing their own solutions to problems, thinking more outside of the box. Divergent thinking allows an individual to access their memory in addition to an external knowledge base, allowing the identification of many different alternative solutions to a certain problem, looking beyond the status quo for solutions, potentially to the point of overlooking the positive, aspects of the existing system. Convergent thinking, instead, requires the ability to gathering and organizing thoughts in more of a systematic process using a variety of different sources to find the correct, single, solution to a well defined problem. Convergent thinking works extremely well in the technology and science fields involving logic type problems,
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