The Theory Behind The Age Related Positivity Effect

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What is age related positivity effect? Is it a hearty personality that fosters this age related positivity effect? Does the wisdom of life, and the many lessons, tears and triumphs, teach some individuals the skills needed to obtain this positivity effect as they age? Andrew Reed and Laura Carstensen completed a research paper entitled; The theory behind the age-related positivity effect, published in frontiers in psychology, September 27, 2012 (Reed & Carstensen, 2012). In this study age related “positivity effect” is defined the trend wherein age-related individuals favor the positive over the negative when processing cognitively (Reed & Carstensen, 2012). The older individuals recall and react to positive stimuli more often than their…show more content…
My hypothesis is that the largest impact on age related positivity effect will be individuals that encountered more challenges throughout their lives. Theorizing that individuals that encounter few adversities within the first one third of their lives, are not given the opportunity to learn challenging coping skills. Suzie Q Suzie Q was fortunate enough to be raised in a loving and stable home, she is a good student, pretty, popular, and a cheerleader. She marries her high school sweetheart one month after they graduate from college, in a beautiful ceremony. Her husband is very successful and soon they buy a home and start their family. Suzie and Jon Q have two perfect children that are raised in the same manner. Suzie, did get her college degree and worked for a few years however, decided to stay home with her children. Suzie Q has had everything come easy to her, there were few if any challenges. Her children go off to college, Suzie Q is facing the empty nest syndrome, this is likely to be more difficult for her to cope with as she has never faced adversity. Sadly, soon after their children graduate, marry and move far away, Suzie Q’s parents fall ill, Suzie Q finds herself battling depression, she is caring for her parents reversing the roles she was accustomed to. Suzie Q is withdrawn from Jon, suddenly
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