The Theory, Cognitive, And Information Processing

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Learning has become a central focus in this fast developing world. Education is becoming more and more valuable due to economic advancements. According to text on page 307, "Learning can be defined as a relatively permanent influence on behavior, knowledge and thinking skills that comes about through experience." Each person has a unique way of learning, and for a child, it is the teacher 's responsibility to understand how each child learns. There are several different learning theories. However, we will be discussing these three main theories Behavioral, Social Cognitive, and Information Processing. Behaviorism is everything that we can directly observe. According to the text on page 308, "For the behaviorist, behavior is everything that we do, both verbal or nonverbal, that can be directly seen or heard." The learner starts off as a clean sheet of paper through positive or negative reinforcement behavior is shaped. In contradiction, punishment positive or negative decreases the probability that the previous behavior will happen again. Behaviorism is for beginner developing mind who is starting to learn something new, or for training a pet. For example, as I recently started learning bicycle riding; as a beginner, I was told to sit on the bike while my instructor who happened to be my husband hold the bike from behind, as I push down on the pedals with my feet to move the bike. At this point, balancing is an important part of riding the bike as I started to
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