The Theory Of A Dysfunctional Organization Structure

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Abstract A dysfunctional organization structure can cause an array of problems in the organization such as poor communication. Communication is absolutely essential to all organizations. Poor communication causes conflicting goals, mistakes, work overload, negative attitudes, no teamwork, low morale and low enthusiasm. Communication goes both ways and is an ongoing process. Communication includes verbal and nonverbal messages. Organizations can improve effective communication by understanding the communication process model, improvements within the hierarchy of the organization, by using suggestion and feedback, practice goal setting, understanding a message, practice active listening, and understand and learning why communication is important. There are several theories that relate to communication such as, the four-drive theory, equity theory, and Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory. All employees in an organization should continue to improve his or her communication skills. The communication process includes speaking and listening. When there is effective communication in the work place there is job satisfaction, productivity, team work, and better organizational performance. Throughout the years of working in several different organizations, I have encountered different problems at each workplace. Some problems were big and others were small. I worked for a large surgery center for several years and the main problem that I encountered was a dysfunctional
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