The Theory Of A Healthy Personality

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In conclusion, the personality structure can help individuals to understand that there is a difference between impulses and actions, and that one does not have to do the things they feel. Without a strong Superego, a person would lack self-control and easily succumb to the impulses of the Id. While it is not healthy for adults to constantly seek instant gratification, it is very necessary for babies in order to develop a healthy personality. Freud believed that the key to a healthy personality is to find balance between the Id, Ego and the Superego (Nimon, 2013). This information is significantly important to individuals that have an interest in psychology. As a result of this information, aspiring psychologists are armed with a good understanding of the development of an individual’s personality. The psychoanalytic theory is important in psychology because it incorporates the earlier years of one’s life into their personality. Despite being criticized and rejected, it has its proper place in psychology. Moursund & Kenny (2002) stated that there is something to be learned even from a theory that is rejected. This theory also served as a building block for other theories and researches in psychology. The personality structure also highlights the importance of the role proper parenting plays in the development of children’s personality. By the same token, individuals outside of psychology would be surprised to discover how their earlier experiences influence their behaviour
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