The Theory Of A Sheltered Only Child

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Event Analyzed, Theories Applied A sheltered only child, I lacked social learning from my peers in regards to my bike riding. I had the desire to complete these tasks because of vicarious reinforcement, however vicarious reinforcement can often be coupled with fear and anxiety regarding individual performance. Socioculturally, bike riding is what children did and were expected to do at the time. Which made the demand for my performance to excel at the task all the more daunting. Biologically speaking my gross motor skills were under developed for my age group, I lacked the ability to balance among other issues. Psycholanalytically, doubt outweighed autonomy surely due to an issue between my mother and myself at an earlier developmental…show more content…
Secondly, I would like to apply theories of behaviorism and social learning in comparison to the findings of Erikson. Erickson’s theory as previously mentioned is based on what he referred to as psychological conflicts, and is defined by eight stages. The four stages of the theory found in childhood development begin with the basic trust versus mistrust stage during infancy. Essentially the infant’s perception of the world is based on the responsiveness or neglect of their caregiver(s). I assume that my needs at this stage of development where in fact met, because I have and do view the world in a positive and trusting manner. The second of Erikson’s stages occurs between the ages of one and three, autonomy versus shame and doubt. During this stage of development when children are honing their newly found mental capabilities and motor skills, it is important that a parent allow the child freedom to express themselves reasonably thus fostering autonomy. The inability to do so can lead to the child feeling shame and doubt, and thus lacking initiative in the following stage. It is at this point, I am certain my own parenting experience went awry. My mother’s anxiety over even the smallest possible issue provoked her to stifle me at this stage. Her inability to allow me to make a mistake, such as fall left me ingrained with
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