The Theory Of A Soul Essay

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The topic I have chosen for my final project is the argument of whether or not we as humans have a soul. If so, is it something different from the brain and does this “force” survive after our physical death? The concept of a soul has long been rooted in religion and we still debate its existence to this day. As humans, we fear the unknown that follows this existence; after this physical life. Due to this fear we have created this idea of a force larger than ourselves. Many scientists and philosophers have contradicting viewpoints on the existence of a soul. However research and discussion still continues on the matter to hopefully uncover the answers we seek. My position on the argument is that we as humans do have a soul. I believe this to be true, as I find it hard to believe that this is it for us; Just this mortal existence. This physical form cannot be the end of us, as the connections and emotions we have with people, animals, and nature cannot be properly explained by neurotransmitters and heart rates. I have discussed this argument of a human soul with peers and have asked each one of them the question, “If you sit on a shoreline, watching the waves come rolling in, or in the middle of a forest with tall trees and bright green ground cover, alone with just you and nature. Do you feel a connection outside of yourself?” Most of them agreed, that there is a connection felt, between them and something greater. An unexplainable force that is not tangible, but felt

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