The Theory Of Acting : How Do Actors Act?

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Method acting is when an actor/ actress physically and mentally become his or her character on and off stage/screen. Strasberg’s method called for many physically, mentally, and emotionally distressing factors. However, this may only be true when dealing with a role that has requires a physically, mentally, and emotionally stressed character. When an actor is faced with the role of an unhealthy character, method acting can psychologically wreck that person.
The Method style of acting was developed by Konstantin Stanislavsky in the early 20th century in Moscow . He began asking questions that no one had asked before about the ancient art of acting: How do actors act? What is the process actors undertake in order to create the simulation of a fully dimensioned, alive-in –the-moment human being? As he developed exercises designed to unlock the sources of the actors inspiration (Foster & James ). Several principles were composed to make up what was first referred to as the system. The primary principle in which the system was composed of was the necessity of relying on ' 'emotional memory ' ' to play a role. (Strasberg, Lee, and Robert H. Hethmon) The actor was to use his/her memories to stimulate an emotion that the fictional character is meant to be experiencing. If the character is feeling shame, the actor might recall a humiliation in her own past that occurred in high school. The method system assumed that memory and emotion are intertwined and that memories of
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