The Theory Of Adaptation Of The Bronfenbrenner 's Bio Ecological Model Of Development

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Throughout this essay, I will examine two of my own personal experiences which were significant to my development as a learner. In order to exemplify links to experience one, I will firstly draw on the work of Urie Bronfenbrenner 's bio-ecological model of development and the key concepts of the microsystem and the chronosystem. To highlight my second experience I will reference Jean Piaget’s theory of Adaptation, focusing on the key concepts of assimilation and accommodation. My first experience took place seventeen years ago when I became an older sister. I was five years of age, and I was not only an only child, but I was also an only grandchild. I was the first child to be born into the family and was used to having everybody fuss…show more content…
The microsystem is the most influential system and holds the closest relationship to a person. This system describes the relationship between an individual and the interactions/activities in their direct environment, for example, the relationship a child holds with their mother/father/caregiver or their day to day routine/practice. The chronosystem is the final level/layer to Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological system. This system consists of the changes to environment, activities, relationships, and practice over time. Including examples such as a change in life circumstances, societal changes, and changes in contexts and their relationships over time. Examples of Bronfenbrenner’s model of development were made evident in my first experience when I became an older sister and life no longer revolved around me. This experience heavily reflected a change in my microsystem, whereby I experienced an immediate change in the relationship I held with my parents, my mother in particular. I also experienced a major change to my usual day to day routine, whereby I wasn 't the only one who was being cared for and looked after. My sister, being a newborn baby, required the utmost attention and care. The changes to my routine included small transitions such as needing to catch the bus to school rather than being dropped off, and instead of having my mother collect me from school, my grandmother took over this job. The change in my microsystem

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