The Theory Of An Interactive Classroom Essay

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From a sociocultural viewpoint, science is often associated with intelligence. Media, on the other hand, through movies and television shows have often portrayed scientists as the man-in-a-white coat with frizzy hair and big glasses- the man we sometimes call a nerd. Often students will shy away from doing science, because of its association with the above mentioned factors. These representations have sometimes created barriers between learning and enjoying science. As a passionate science teacher, this is often a barrier to overcome, and introducing students to the joy and fun of learning science through discussions, hands-on activities, and peer-to-peer interactions have been effective and instrumental in creating student-led classrooms. In an effort to create an interactive classroom wherein students engage to enhance their learning experiences, I decided to work with elementary school students, and introduced them to science and in an inquiry based science class. After introducing a science unit in a classroom, I often encouraged students to engage in discussions, and it is often through these discussions that students freely expressed their understanding of certain scientific notions in the form of drama or any other hands-on activity. This kind of involvement helped in shedding inhibitions, and lead to inquiry-based learning. Here students enjoy the learning process as it is co-constructed in the classroom at our own pace. Sometimes, when a rote learning component in
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