The Theory Of Attachment Theory

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There are a lot of close relationship theory that are studied in social psychology but one of the main theory is attachment theory. This theory not only provides a framework for understanding emotional reactions in infants but also in love, loneliness, and grief in adults. In adults there are attachment styles that are a type of working model that explains certain behaviors that are developed at infancy and childhood. An infant requires two basic attitudes during their earliest interactions with adults. The first is an attitude about their self-esteem that drives from their own perspective of their self. The behavioral and emotional reactions of their caregiver gives information to the infant that they are loved, cared for, important, or on the other end they are unloved, not valued, and on important. The second is how infant’s attitudes form other people, experiences and their beliefs. The term interpersonal trust becomes very important in order to feel like their caregiver is perceived reliable or trustworthy. It is significant that these basic attitudes are acquired before a baby develops there language skills. Attachment theory is a positive emotional bond that develops between a child and a caregiver. When an infant develops affection to their mother only because they are the ones who provide food which is a reinforcement. Although attachment theory is more than just nourishment. ( cont)
An emotional bond develops therefore a child wants to stay close to
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