The Theory Of Biological Evolution

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Social Darwinism is defined as the application of the theory of biological evolution to human affairs. It was used to justify and clarify many notions of nationalism and imperialism. Science played a huge role in the coming about of this new discovery but in reality, the society shaped the science of what it was about. Charles Darwin was the root of new era and was profound to come up with the theory of evolution. His theory had become one the fundamental unifying principles of modern biology and led to questioning in regards to what was previously stated in the past. In the 19th century, the United States and Europe underwent tons of changes. Because of the Industrial Revolution, Americans were off of the farms, and moved into the cities to work in offices and factories. Steel manufacturing became the dominant industry with an abundance of iron coal. There was easy access to cheap water transportation routes which aided in speeding the nation’s economy. In Europe, they too experienced the rise of industrialization; Europeans were also leaving the farms to migrate to cities in search of jobs, technology and trade. However, this new liberal capitalism upset the balance of power in the European society causing unrest. Prior to the 19th Century, religion provided the moral, governing perimeters throughout a society. Colonization, up until this point, was justified by divine right. Commoners did not question those in power; they were afraid of the ramifications
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