The Theory Of Business Administration

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As per Henri Fayol 's theory of business administration, along with organizing, monitoring, and controlling, coordinating is one of the central functions the management. The term 'coordination ' in this theory implies that the managers must harmonize the rules and the activities performed by the organization. This in turn means that every activity of each unit of the organization should complement and enrich the work of the other.

In an operational sense, coordination means, "an arrangement of the different elements of a complex body or activity to enable them to work together effectively". Co-ordination also could mean "the ability to use different parts of the organization together smoothly and efficiently for ensuring more efficient
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Out of total 11120 passes that he has made, he has been successful in 84% instances. What a success ratio? When to pass the ball to a particular team member is decided in a microsecond and that requires a comprehensive understanding of the 'live ' situation on the field. What Messi is doing essentially is an effective and efficient coordination and the results are so clear.

Coordination and the Business Management:

I find a great resemblance between the coordination skill in the business management and the passing skill in the soccer game. If we go a little deeper, then we find that the coordination in fact is the most common thread cutting across all the managerial & supervisory functions. The more the Managers & Supervisors master the coordination skill; the better is their performance or output and hence, the superior is the organization 's performance.

Like communication, coordination too is an embedded aspect of the day-to-day business management and if ignored, can lead to trouble. An effective and well-defined coordination process lends credence to the roles of the employees and predictability to the organization 's functioning.

The ensuing text attempts to signify the practical details of the coordination skill with three specific instances for the Mangers & Supervisors for highlighting its importance.

Information / Data Coordination:

This is the most usual kind coordination that each employee understands. Information and data are
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