The Theory Of Child Development

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In the early 19th Century, little attention was given to children development. Emphasis were based upon what a child would become as they get older( Green 2013)However, it was investigated by human developmental psychologist that Child development is relevant in relation to how individuals relate in the environment as well as the factors that influence human development. These psychologists developed the human developmental life span which is predominant in the society today, although remains unsubstantiated because of the dynamics of individuals and the environment. The theories that will be discussed mainly in this essay are;Cognitive theory-Jean Piaget, Social Learning Theory-Albert Bandura, Psycho-social theory-Erik Erikson ,Socio-cultural theories-Lev Vygotsky. The Psychoanalytic theory will be explored to reflect on how his theories have been integrated into other human developmental theories. Based on my observations,these theories will be explored in detail.

This essay will discuss the relevant theories in relation to my subject,a 5 year old child, named Sandra for purposes of this essay. The observation of this child will be explored in areas of Language development, cognitive behaviour, and social learning. Attachment theories and cultural theory will be discussed briefly. This essay will attempt to identify patterns of behaviour with an ideology in linking theory with the observation I have carried out

In an attempt to determine the developmental stages of

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