The Theory Of Child Rearing

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1. Dr. John Watson, in his advocation in favor of nurture stated essentially, as we had discussed in some of our class sessions, that his approach to child rearing would have a direct impact on outcomes. It could be argued that child rearing is the one thing that could counter cultural influences as being more impactful. We discussed closed cultures such as those from the east where members work in a collectivist way to benefit society as a whole. Then we have the individualist societies similar to the western cultures where individual achievement for self is considered to be of more value. Which I believe contributes more to selfishness and an over emphasis on the aspects of I. This also takes me back to the behavior modification class I had as an undergraduate. That there are certain ways to behave in different social settings that may be presented to us on a daily basis. Such as we all behave differently in a social settings such as, school, work, home, the mall, etc.. Behaviors in one location may be acceptable but not another location. A good example would be that you can walk around naked in the privacy of your own home but not at school. While a closed, collectivist culture may look down upon what they may perceive as negative behaviors of those in their group, other outsiders from other cultures may be given some slack because they don’t know proper behavior, even if they are trying. Those from these collectivist societies that travel to the west cannot
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