The Theory Of Cognitive Development

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Introduction Infancy and early childhood is a crucial time for development. This stage of life occurs between birth and about the age of 3. This life stage really lays the groundwork for the path an individual will take in life. Hiccups in the path now, may lead to more hiccups in the future. Many developmental milestones occur during this early stage of life. A few of the key milestones are language acquisition, emotional development, motor development and gender identity development. Three men by the names of Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, and John Bowlby have theorized what happens in this stage of life.
Piaget came up with the Theory of cognitive development. The theory of cognitive development has four stages. Sensorimotor is the first stage. The first stage of Piaget 's theory lasts from birth to approximately about the age of two. This stage is centered on the infant trying to make sense of the world around them through hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting, and feeling. Erik Erikson developed the theory of Psychosocial Development. The first stage is this theory is titled trust vs. mistrust which occurs from birth to about 18 months of age. Erikson’s theory is centered on the infant 's basic needs being met by primarily a mother figure. When infant’s basic needs are being met consistently they learn to develop a sense of trust. When infant’s basic needs are not being met predictably and consistently the infant begins to develop mistrust. Lastly…
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