The Theory Of Cognitive Psychology

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The theory of Cognitive psychology looks at any individual as the source of processing the information just any computer which perceives the input in the form of information and then processing it with the help of already installed information related to it and then it is given out as an output by following the program. It is still possible to study the mental position of the mind through meditational processes involving attention, perception and memory. These are the stages in processing the information in a human mind. Objects, information, scenarios are always present here in our environment and we respond to them through several actions and reactions of our mind capability. Whenever a person looks at an object through his eyes, he will look at it only when he will pay attention to that object. (Hugenberg, 2010)
Whenever we pay attention to any specific object or a person, we start perceiving all the related information about it which is used for perceiving his ability to discern others’ state for instance emotions and his traits. There has been general tradition that the perception and attention both influence the memory of a person depending upon the current thoughts and past experience related to similar situation seen by the individual. It is not necessary that the ‘attention’ which is common to all will lead to perception of the extracted information in the same way. However, it does not vary too much individual to individual because common sense perceiving of
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