The Theory Of Cognitive Theory

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To certain extent, cognitivism could, nevertheless, be interpreted as a reaction to behaviourism. Similar to behaviourism, both families of theorists have the mutual opinion of learning occurs when stimulus and respond is connected. Yet instead of consequences determine, cognitivists emphasize the automatic innate mechanistic prevailing process in human brain which undergo intuitive receiving, organizing, storing and retrieving of information (Bigge, 1982). Cognition starts with sensory registers which input data whereas perception helps convert their senses into conscious awareness which later holistically kept in schema, or mental framework (Jordan, Stack and Carlile, 2009). The concept can be explained by one of Piaget’s main cognitive theory. Cognitivists tend to emphasis assimilation, the process which schema is expanded. When the newly added information does not correspond to pre-existing schema, the process of rearranging schema, accommodation, takes place in order to eliminate the contradicts within schema, enabling it to reach equilibration.

Besides, as opposed to Watson’s postulation mentioned earlier, which suggests human mind frame is passively shaped after the birth, Piaget (cited in Spelke, 1983) proposed that new-borns, who are in sensori-motor period as classified in his developmental stages theory, possess inborn sense and are able to detect certain structural relationships among their actions innately (cited in Pritchard, 2009). The changes of behaviour
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