The Theory Of Community Empowerment

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According to Sieloff and Raph, nursing management theories are used to describe, explain, predict or prescribe nursing acts. There are many ways to solve a nursing problem or issue, but nursing management theories are specifically designed for issues nurses and nurse managers come across on a daily basis. Hildebrandt and Persily’s theory of community empowerment is a perfect example of how nursing management could handle the challenges of relocating to a new unit. The theory of community empowerment is a middle range theory and was originally designed to improve the health of people in their communities, but could easily be adapted to accommodate a different situation. The theory contains three essential aspects in its framework: involvement, lay workers, and reciprocal health. This theory is designed to incorporate and empower everyone involved. By empowering the community of nurses and sustaining employee engagement, patient and employee satisfaction would remain the same, if not increase (6 Leadership strategies for navigating perpetual change in healthcare, 2015). Change is hard for most people and the time to adjust varies. The problem in question will be discussed further in the following sections, as well as a strategy to solve the issue, as well as a conclusion.
Problem or Issue According to Lin, Foster, Chaboyer, and Marshall (2015), hospital relocation is one of the most challenging and complex change management projects. As a nurse manager and leader, it is
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