The Theory Of Consciousness And Its Effects On Society

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When I think of consciousness, I seemed to compare this to the state of being aware of surroundings. Somehow, there are various theories that will argue that we can still be in the state of consciousness even when we are sleep as well as someone in a coma. Nonetheless, the term consciousness can be said to be inconclusive or even referred to an enigma. In fact, it is so mysterious that numerous philosophers and other experts such as Plato, Sigmund Freud and so many others to mention have explored and attempted to validate their theories on consciousness. Due to its elusiveness, philosophers and other truth-seekers attempt to surmise answers by pursuing diverse facts and evidences that can lead to their theories (Manson, 2011). On the other…show more content…
There are various definitions of consciousness which can be ambiguous and to have a precise explanation at this time can still be considered premature. We actually do not have an exact rationalization of how consciousness emerges or the mechanism of consciousness process. However, there are different theories of how consciousness arises within the past years that have been advocated. There is a long repertoire of proposed theories based on metaphysical and ontological which is an assumption constructed on the state of subsistence with disparities can be perplexing. Nonetheless, several of the stipulated suppositions of such paradigms have direct correlations with each other, which can be ascertained to be not mutually exclusive. Neuroscience is concerned with the nervous system as it relates to the structure, how it arises and its functionality. Neuroscientists concentrate on the human brain and how it influences human behavior and cognitive functions. Therefore, for the neuroscientists’ point of view, the fundamental theories of consciousness are based on the higher order attribute, global workspace assessment and the biological aspect of the human mind (Block, 2009). Based on the biological theory of consciousness, this phenomenon is a derivative of a combination of evolution and biological progress. This theory plainly disregards the theories of metaphysics but rather can be rationalized through
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