The Theory Of Conservation Of Mass, Numbers And Weight Of Piaget

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Field experiment base in The reapplication of a classic Piagetian task relating to Conservation of mass, numbers and weight. Arlet J Vega Guerra Course # EDU 502 CRN #24704 Psychological Foundations of Education Dr. EM Rentas Nova Southeastern University March 24, 2017 First to begin with the experiment it was necessary to understand the definition of Conservation: a conscious perception that tangible amounts don’t vary whenever their appearances are modified. Preservation is a substantial factor in Piaget’s cognitive development theory. Using the basic concepts of the Piaget’s conservation theory and applying those simple tasks I was able to appreciate how the cognitive development of kids work in the different stage of their learning. Applying the experiment I also obtained a better understanding from the point of view of some kids about the Theory of Conservation of mass, numbers and weight of Piaget. The experience was just focus in the preoperational and concrete stage of this theory due to the age of my participants. I gave this test to a friend of mine children’s, I chose her because she was the only one that I knew has kids within the suitable range which applied to this procedure and she was also willing to allow their children to help me do the tasks in their home. For the reapplication of the Piagetian tasks related to the conservation of mass and numbers, I utilized the following material: two
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