The Theory Of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing And Six Sigma

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The new technological innovation and globalization in the manufacturing industries has easily seen in different forms like digital supply chain management, automation, quality and safety standards. The use on new technological innovation in to their Business practices is to reduce cost, decrease defects, Increase efficiency and to enhance the quality of the products to customers. So many theories are developed as per present situation and atmosphere in the manufacturing industry. By studying further the existing system are developed further in to easier way. The main objective of this project is to study, investigate and compare the potentials of lean, six sigma and theory of constraints when applied in an integrated way in
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Lean must be brought into the discussion as a possible means of supplementing and strengthening lean manufacturing in situations where its principles may fall short. In this Project we want to emphasize on three methods
• Lean Manufacturing
• six sigma
• Theory of Constraints.
In many organizations we find these being practiced with or without knowledge of the whole system but the main intention is to deliver a product with quality and safety as their prime concerns. In this project initially we shall discuss the three methods individually next we describe the similarities as well as the ambiguities.
The term six sigma is instituted by an Engineer of Motorola Inc. named Bill Smith Forbes reports that by usage of six sigma Motorola has increased more than $16 billion investment funds in 1980 's by Standardizing core procedures. Six sigma is an exceedingly restrained procedure that empowers associations convey about flawless item and services .The figure of six has come statically from current average maturity of most business organizations. It is a quality philosophy and the path for improving performance of the organization by knowing the present situation and where the organization could be in future. The
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