The Theory Of Corporate Criminal Liability Essay

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The dissertation presented herein for the award of the Degree of master of laws (LL.M) in the Faculty of Law of NORTHCAP University, is on ‘The Concept of Corporate Criminal Liability’ which is one of the most significant topics in the discipline of modern Criminal Law. The two principal themes of this research are (i) the abstract entities which in the business world are known as Companies or Corporations, and (ii) the menace of a new kind of criminality which is known in the realm of criminal jurisprudence as corporate crimes. In a study of this kind it is necessary to note in retrospect the events which have since taken place with regard to the aforesaid institution and the nature of crimes associated with this particular institution The genesis of corporate entity may be traced to the developments that took place in the English Legal System in the wake of the rights and remedies the law afforded to the natural persons but had denied the same to the non-natural persons. Under the rules of law then existing a natural person had all the rights and remedies in regard to transactions which he entered into with regard to property, contracts or any other matters. The consequence of such a rigid approach of the then legal system was that there was no protection given to the rights and remedies of any abstract entity. The Common Law recognized the rights of individuals in respect of property and other civil relations in respect of natural persons only. There was therefore the

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