The Theory Of Crime And Crime

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Response Paper Crime in the 20th century has become one of the most widely studied areas of research. Today, I am going too briefly outline some of the theories of crime that are used to study the subject. What I will be evaluating these theories against will be small scale property crime such as theft. Classical theory states that crime is committed when there are more benefits to committing the crime than punishments. It also states that crime is a choice and is done with free will (Beccaria, 2013). Positivist’s theory says that biological defects are what lead to crime (Lombroso, 2013). Additionally, that criminal’s had certain physical features that were more pronounced than non-criminals (Lombroso, 2013). I believe that when Classical theory is used to describe why low level property crime exists it actually fits quite well. Low level property crime is all about there being more benefits than costs. The likelihood of being punished for these crimes is low so in most cases the benefits are numerous and the costs are minimal. This could be a resounding factor in why property crime is so prevalent in the United States. When you try to explain property crime with the Positivist’s theory I don’t believe it fits well at all. Biological traits do not explain why property crime exists. Social disorganization theory states that communities that are in disarray are open to crime because social controls become broken down. This leads to a criminal culture becoming prevalent
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