The Theory Of Ego Defense Mechanism Essay

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Psychotherapy Theory
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Giving a clear definition of psychotherapy and counselling is arduous, as there’s a little insufficient agreement on the definition and on whether there’s any variation between the two terms. Psychotherapy and counselling are interplay between a therapists /counsellor and clients/patients. The main role of the counsellor is to aid the client in solving problems that may have aspects that are mainly associated to disorder of thinking, emotional suffering or the problems of the act (Corey, 2009, p. 111). Most importantly, the therapist/ counselor’s way to aiding ought to be legally and ethically approved.
Ann Freud theory on ego psychology summates to theoretical models of psychoanalysis. In her theory she applies psychoanalysis to the treatment of the children and prolonged the concept of ego defence mechanism. She highlighted the significance of observation of children with their parents or their foster parents. She argues that the growth and development of ego and super ego took place as one watched (Olson, 2002, p. 114). Because of this, strives are inevitable for all the children during the period of growth and development. In addition she supports Feud’s argument that the child needs analysis when he or she is in an educational bearing and position .As a result of this, the child becomes appreciative of the psychoanalytic knowledge, thus the child therapy is needed only in utmost cases of
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