The Theory Of Emotion And The Cannon

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It is a well-known fact that different factors affect on human behavior as well as various aspects of people’s life. Among them the emotions detect a powerful force on humans. Strong emotions may cause people to take actions they might not perform as usual, or obviate situations that they generally enjoy. Psychologists, researchers, and philosophers have proposed a set of different theories that explain how and why people experience the emotions. I have chosen two theories of emotion that I am interested in such as: the James-Lange Theory of Emotion and the Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion. This paper describes those theories by comparing and contrasting them; discusses the theory that I agree with and explain the reasons of it.
Before describing chosen theories, it is necessary to define the notion of “emotion”. Due to the definition that is made by a psychologist Hockenbury, emotion is a complex of psychological state that includes three components: a physiological reaction, a subjective experience, and a pronounced response (Micallef-Trigona, 2014). In psychology, emotion is usually named a complicated state of feeling that makes results in psychological and physical changes with their influence on human behavior (Cherry, a, n.d.). As a complex state, emotion involves thinking, feeling, some physiological and behavioral changes, and activation of the nervous system. Based on emotions that people experience, different theories exist. They are usually grouped

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