The Theory Of Evolution By Natural Selection

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Darwinian Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
Background information
Even though evolution is an ancient concept, Charles Darwin brought up a new idea focusing on naturalistic modification of a population over time. He believed that species differ over time and space. In other words, after a period of time creatures undergo genetic mutations in their genetic code in which the beneficial mutations are preserved and the disadvantage mutations are eliminated. This concept he termed as natural selection. According to natural selection, all species have common ancestry and their diversity comes as a result of descent modifications. A species that develops functional advantages would pass the same traits to their offspring thus aiding their survival. Similarly, the disadvantaged members would be gradually eliminated naturally. Natural selection process occurs due to changes in organisms that results from heritable behavioral or physical traits. A change that enables an organism to adequately adapt to the environment contributes to their survival and also reproduction. This theory is similar to domestic breeding which also works to get rid of undesirable traits in a species over a given period of time.
Requirements for natural selection
The main components of natural selection include variation, heritability, and differential survival and reproduction. The component of variations affirms that creatures within a population often vary in behavior and appearance.…
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