The Theory Of Evolution Or Intelligent Design

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The origin of life may seem to be shrouded in mystery, but in modern America two main theories have come to dominate as the explanation; either the theory of evolution or Intelligent Design. The theory of evolution was first published by Charles Darwin, a famous figure who is just as controversial in modern society as he was in his own time. He introduced the public to the theory of evolution in his book On the Origin of Species, where he proposed that new species evolve from older ones through Natural Selection, or the process of the organism which are better adapted to their environment being the ones to survive and reproduce. He took twenty- three years to publish his theory because, as someone who studied both Divinity and Biology at Edinburgh, he was aware of the religious implications. (Charles Darwin, BBC)The shockwaves produced by the publication of his theory can still be felt today, leading to conflict with regards towards whether or not evolution should be taught in school. Currently creationism is not taught in public schools in the United States, but many believe it should be, while others are just as adamant that it has no place in the public school system. The current system with regards to teaching evolution is a bit of a compromise between those who wish to teach Creationism or Intelligent Design, both of which state that the Christian belief in Genesis is the true origin of life, and those who wish to teach only evolution in public schools. Officially,
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