The Theory Of F. Herzberg Engine

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- The theory of F. Herzberg engine
Frederick Herzberg has developed theory of "two-factor" to distinguish the factors causing dissatisfaction (hygiene factors) and the factors that create satisfaction (motivators). This theory has two implications. First, the seller must restrain factors causing dissatisfaction, such as poor quality user manuals or services. These de-motivators do not help sell services/ products but they can make the products/services cannot be sell. Secondly,hospitality organizations need to identify the major factors satisfied or motivators their customers. These factors will make a major difference for customer to consider buy certain brands or services.
2. Perception
Customers form opinions about the restaurants through their five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. However, each of them receives, organizes, and interprets these sensory stimuli in individual way. According to B. Berelson and Steiner G. perception can be defined as "a process from which individuals select, organize, and interpret the information received to create a picture sense of the world”. Understanding perception and the factors determining how consumers perceive products and services is central to effective marketing (Berkman, Lindquist, and Sirgy, 1996).To the marketer, consumers ' perceptions are much more important than their knowledge of objective reality. What consumers perceive to be reality affects their actions, their buying habits and their leisure habits
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