The Theory Of Fossils, Abstract Thinking, And Learning About The Natural World

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Entry Event: Have everyone in the class take their height measurements (or guesstimate depending on time). . And ask, “If you are under 4’11 sit down, if you are under 5’1, sit down…” and so forth to a height that is relatively tall. The last person standing should be over six feet tall, if no one is, everyone lost. Restart the game and ask, “If you are over six feet sit down…” and so forth until the height of 5 feet on the dot. If they are five feet or shorter, than they have won this round. This shows adaption through traits that the students already have, such as height. Then, begin to talk about adaptations. This unit would be fun and enjoyable to do because the involvement of fossils, abstract thinking, and learning about the natural world. Explains the reasoning behind evolution and gives an understanding of the Earth’s history and the history of the organisms in it.Activity 1: Draw back to the ostrich and emu. Pick two species that are similar, but not the same, but share a common ancestor. Trace back their lineage to the best of your ability and in a small keynote presentation explain their relationship Activity 2: Talk about the time scale of earth and when life began to really pick up by creating a timeline of earth, and have a group discussion (with notes) on why during certain time periods organism grew bigger, etc. Draw conclusions Activity 3: Talk about the fossils. Fill a box around a few feet in area with sand or any other material that kind conceal items.

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