The Theory Of Free Will

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Essay 3 – Free Will Free will is the ability to choose freely and control our actions. Basically, free will shows the level of responsibility we claim for our actions and decisions. Obviously, if outside forces determine our choices, we cannot be held responsible for our actions. However, if our choices are made with total freedom than certainly we must claim responsibility for our choices and actions. God is justified in creating a world with the existence of free will which philosophers such as D’Holbach debated over it and provided some objections; meanwhile, free will brought the potential for existence of evil. On the other side, John Bender introduces “The prediction Room” to analyze human‘s free will. D’Holbach was a French-German author and philosopher who argued against free will in his work “I Am Determined”. D’Holbach used the idea of cause and effect to clarify that free will doesn’t exist. He believed that the universe is a huge deterministic machine, so in result humans do not have any power to decide and take action. He believed an individual doesn’t have any influence on their action, and all their actions are dependent of determining physical. In other word, all our actions are determined and we do not have any control over them. To explain more, in “I Am Determined “D’Holbach says “There is, in point of fact, no difference between the man who is cast out of the window by another, and the man who throws himself out of it, except that the
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