The Theory Of Game Theory

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Brief introduction In this mathematical investigation, game theory is discussed. Game theory is the area of mathematics that considers methods of selecting best strategies in situations of conflict of interest. It is applicable to psychology, economics, politics, warfare. It is the practical nature of this subject that makes it truly interdisciplinary. It is the practical nature that makes it, in my opinion, worthwhile studying. Game theory is closely linked to probability and statistics, in fact these two subjects are used as tools by game theorists to develop their models. A study that began with John Von Neumann in 1928 and that keeps on progressing. There are plenty of famous game theory problems but for this investigation I refrained from using them. The purpose of this work is not to deliver the very essence of the subject in a dozen pages and by the end make an enlightened Strategist out of the reader; it is to show how this subject is useful and to present it as simple and as approachable as possible. All problems this work contains are original. What is a game, strategy, player? To better understand game theory, one should first get a clear idea of what kind of situation this subject is applicable to. For a problem to be tackled using the many principles of the theory, starting from very basic arithmetic to complex mathematics, it first needs to have distinct persons or players. A player, unlike in the everyday world, is an individual or group engaging in the

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