The Theory Of Gestalt Therapy

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Gestalt therapy is an organized category of therapy that is founded upon the Gestalt ideology. Conceptualized by Frtiz Perls, it is facilitated through the basic principle of relational theory which deems every individual as whole. This means that they are made up completely of body, mind and spirit. Subsequently, they can be clearly understood in conjunction with their present situation through the eyes of their own experiences. Considering these factors, this approach is an infusion of the concept of relational theory with the current state (Arnheim, 1945). It provides essential insight that focuses intensely on self-awareness as well as what is going on in the present moment. The root of concern, in regards to the present moment, is the events of what will happen from one juncture of time until the next. My major theoretical orientation, now, is rooted in the Gestalt Theory and form of practice.
The measure of self-awareness regarding this approach is one of the key catalyst in making progress in personal improvement and increasing progressive efforts to address potential areas that warrant growth. One of the conditions that this approach brings to the forefront is the ability of negative thinking to become a hindrance that develops into thoughts and behavior (Botha, 2009). Therefore, these behaviors leave people in a discontented and hopeless state. The primary goal of a therapist, specifically a Gestalt therapist, is to supports the individual in an
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