The Theory Of Group Behavior

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Amongst the common workplace theories, the theories of motivation and autonomy speak the most relevant to me in my experiences in the workplace concerning group behavior. By being able to maintain a consistent feeling of autonomy in my workplace duties, I have been able to feel empowered and grow to accomplish my responsibilities and learn to incorporate new innovations. Motivation is undeniably linked to the autonomy and group behavior. As I further analyze how these concepts are related, I will further be able to gauge my strengths, passions, and values as a member of a team and organization. ORIGINAL POST 3 Forum 2 Original Post Group Behavior The basic theory of group behavior illustrates concepts such as interpersonal group relations, predictability of responses and inclusion in how individuals within a group interact with one another as well as serve the organization. The study of group behavior and group dynamics is rooted in psychology, sociology, communication, anthropology, etc. Understanding group behavior can help individuals and supervisors lead groups to success, pair individuals into teams, and use effective communication.
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