The Theory Of Health Literacy

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Identify the article you reviewed and the theoretical framework used to explore the practice problem.

The article by Weld, Padden, Ramsey, & Garmon Bibb (2008) examines models used to research health literacy in relation to access and outcome. From a theoretical perspective, researchers assessed the concepts of “health communication, health disparities, health literacy, literacy, microrange theory, military health system, patient education, theoretical framework, universal access” (p. 308). To study the phenomenon of health literacy, they “present a conceptual framework adapted for use in studying health literacy in population groups with universal access to care” (p. 309).

The “Health Literacy Framework (HLF)” … “is an interactive model that places literacy as the foundation of health literacy” (p. 312). In this model, “Health literacy serves as the active mediator between individuals and health contexts, and this active mediation, in turn, impacts individual health outcomes and costs” (p. 312). Three elements used to determine health literacy in this model include; “culture and society, educational system, and health system” (p. 312). In addition, “the general HLF was adapted to guide the research study in the military medical center” (p. 314). A major reason for this approach was the universal access to healthcare. “The adapted approach or microrange theory is referred to as the universal access theory for health literacy skills (UAT) with military focus.

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