The Theory Of Human Development

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Theories of human development deliver a framework to deliberate human growth, development, and learning. Understanding the theories can deliver useful contents into individuals and society a set of principles and concepts that describe life span development. Development perspectives are the psychoanalytic theory, behavior theory, humanistic approach and cognitive theory. Each theory focuses on different aspects of human development. The psychoanalytic is “the approach stating that behavior is motivated by inner forces, memories, and conflicts that are usually unconsciousness” ().Following, the behavior perspective emphasizing on the observable behaviors and “outside stimuli from the environment”. () This approach believed that the “full understanding of development is by carefully studying the stimuli that composed the environment”. (pg15). ______The cognitive approach examines the root of understanding and it “focuses on the process that allow people to know, understand, and think about the world. (p17)” The cognitive approach concentrates on how people internally think about the world. Formerly the humanistic approach deliberates on human quality, “the contents that people have a nature capacity to make decisions about their lives” (). Lastly the contextual perspective takes a broad approach to development. This theory considers “the relationship between the individual and their physical, cognitive, personality, and social worlds that shape the individual”. () These

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