The Theory Of Human Motivation

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Motivation is a topic that is highly popular in modern media. Many medias such as television commercials use motivation as a selling point to most company’s. Human motivation is a strong topic used to sell products such as workout and dietary supplements.The concept of human motivation is the thought of how one can be motivated to do a specific task. People are motivated in many different ways, motivation can come from a drive to want to do something with a tenacious ideal. Motivation is not something that is constant, it is not always there. There are days a person can be motivated, other days the person can be apathetic. Motivation is a topic that is and has always been around. In modern days motivation is seen to be the key to success, and since the first theory was created, it has been the basis of many different findings and achievements. The Theory of Human Motivation was created by Abraham Maslow in 1943. Maslow stated that humans are motivated by physiology, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization. To be motivated by physiology is the wants and needs of our body 's, food, water, and air. All of these are necessities for human survival, and when a person is hungry or thirsty, he or she will go go out of his or her way to get it (Maslow, 1943). Safety is a basic need that every person craves. Humans are cradled since birth, safety is a necessity among all things to feel comfortable. Without the feeling of being safe, cognitive dissonance may set in and the person
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