The Theory Of Human Nature

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As a future marriage, couple, and family counselor it is important for me to have an awareness and understanding of the various theories that are available to use in counselling sessions. As my career evolves, so will my therapeutic orientation. I expect that my theoretical lens will shift slightly. In addition, developing my therapeutic orientation will help enhance my abilities as a therapist. My theoretical lens as it applies to human nature is discussed in this paper as it relates to the Marriage, Family, and Couple theory I selected. Also, discussed in this paper are techniques, factors, goals, related to the Bowen Family Systems theory. This paper will also provide an overview of the eight concepts of the Bowen Theory.
The Basic
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Bowen also believed that multigenerational trends had an impact on the family emotional system () The family is considered a family unit within the Bowen Family Systems Theory. The Bowen Theory focuses on the balancing of two forces. Togetherness and individuality. Two forces can work interchangeably together, however if there is too much togetherness, conflict can arise, and block the development of one’s sense of self and individuality. Whereas if there is too much individuality, it can result in separation from the family.
Key Factors that Account for Changes in Behavior Key factors that account for changes in behavior in the Bowen theory is the ability of the therapist to determine the level of differentian of self within the family unit. The ability for a person to be able to maintain balance and distinguish themselves from others in an important step in the behavior change process. Another factor is the use of the pattern of emotional functioning in the nuclear family (Kerr & Bowen, 1988). Togetherness and individuality play a significant role in the role of behavior change as well. Once again balance plays a role here. To be able to separate and connect simultaneously through togetherness and individuality are paramount to emotional significant relationships.
How Strategies are Designed within the Bowen Systems Theory
The way the Bowen Family Systems strategies are used
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