The Theory Of Human Psychology

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This case study provides an extensive profile on one’s psychosocial well-being along with history and factors that relate to the individuals current psychotherapy. It incorporates various psychosocial theories to explain a phenomenon of person’s psyche. A comprehensive history including family, social, mental, and physical health is reviewed and analyzed for pertinent factors related to the patient’s current state of mind. A thorough assessment will be obtained in this case study, which helps to provide the accurate diagnosis and treatment. The finding may aid in the general understanding of human psychology. The individual chosen for this case study is a 53-year-old African American female. She sought help for feelings of hopelessness, fear, loneliness, stress, and panic attacks. Upon meeting the patient, she appeared as her stated age, was slim, well groomed, and appropriately dressed. She was calm, cooperative with a sense of slightly being distant, and withdrawn. Through the interview, she was tearful, anxious, worry, irritable, sad, depressed, and flat. A state of desperation, hope, and expectations for future were noted as she was pleading for help. The patient reported poor sleep pattern; had difficulty falling and staying asleep and sleeps only three hours per nights. She stated that experiencing nightmares and flashbacks of traumas and abuse that she been experienced throughout her life since childhood to adulthood. She also reported the symptoms worse at night
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