The Theory Of Humanistic Nursing

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Skilled and effective nursing practice is a combination of art and science. Both the art and science of nursing are employed when working with a patient on their health goals. The art of healing is the communicative and relationship building skills while the science of nursing is the technical skills related to the field. Throughout nursing history, theories have been developed that attempt to explain the role of the nurse. These theories often try to either explain the science or art of nursing. Some of these theories attempt to combine the two. In order to understand nursing theory one must also understand the nursing practice. To help readers appreciate the role of the nurse and to understand both the science and art of nursing this paper will discuss nursing as a human science, the nursing theories related to this concept and will offer ways the theory of Humanistic Nursing impacts nursing practice. Nursing is a human science. A human science means that the science occurs in the context of the human being with the individuals own experience and personal understanding taking into account. According to the New York State Nurse Practice Act, “human response’ means those signs, symptoms, and processes which denote the individual’s interaction with an actual or potential health problem” (Section 6901, par. 3). The New York State Nurse Practice act goes on to state, “the practice of the profession of nursing as a registered professional nurse is defined as diagnosing and
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